Kucoin Exchange Tutorial Register - Activate - Trade - Earn with Referral Link

1. Open kucoin.

Kucoin is a awesome new exchange for trading crypto to crypto!
You will love it! Click here to open.

2. Change language.

Choose "English" in the Language dropdown box.

3. Register easy.

Fill the signup form. Use our invitation code: E3Es8W (There are different Bonuses from time to time)

5. Check email.

Check your E-Mail, its probably in the spam-folder.

6. Click activation link.

Click the link in your e-mail to activate the account.

7. Done! secure now.

You are already done, but hey lets gain more security! Click on "Google 2-Step" and follow the steps.

8. Assets deposit.

Click on "Assets"!
This is the overview of all your coins.

9. Deposit any coin.

Search for your favorite coin you want to transfer (from coinbase, coinmama etc.). Use Strg+F to search for your coin. Click on "Deposit".

10. Copy your wallet adress.

Copy your adress. Please send only Bitcoin to Bitcoin adress, Litecoin to Litecoin adress etc. Double check the adress!

11. Send from coinbase.

Login to any exchange with your cryptocoins.
Click on send or withdraw and send the value to your adress.
Please doublecheck if your send and reciplient coin is the same (LTC to LTC, BTC to BTC)

12. Tradenow.

Click in top navigation on "Markets" and choose your coin to buy!

13. Trade GUI explained.

14. Get Affiliate Link.

Go to "Explore->Invitation Bonus"

15. Copy Affiliate Link.

This is the site to check your earnings and invited people. Every week you can gain new coins, depending on collected fees from your friends.

16. Spread Affiliate Link.

Spread your affiliate link overall on social media! Read some hints how to do it more effective (soon).

A small hint: Start to learn any new exchange with a small share of your cryptocurrency!